Monday, January 28, 2008

BMETS funding decisions for 2008 projects

Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters Planning Meeting 20th January 2008

APSC – TL funding:
Salaries: We will continue funding salaries for Beba and Laura and their community development field work. – (AU$9,600) US$8,330 pa.
We will also continue to provide one-off funding for specific projects eg improvements to APSC–TL Office - ceiling, insulation, electrical connection and registration of office. US$850; U$450 for vehicle repairs.
APSC –TL Volunteers – three volunteers at $50 per month for 12 months. US$1,800

Mana Graciana’s Fundasaun Moris Foun Office equipment: US$500.

Mana Kassian’s community
Watertank –We will fund the watertank US$2.500
Land Tax for the Veteran’s Centre - $120 per year.
Mana Kassian’s stipend as Volunteer Rural Outreach Worker. $75 per month.
Money for musical instruments – 4 guitars plus drums – total cost $US 290.
Student scholarships.

Expand scholarships to 30 – budget US$6,500.
Broaden distribution of scholarships and include more women from rural communities with 5 from Hato Builico to achieve secondary education in Ainaro or Dili.

Tais Cooperatives
Continue to support Mana Marta, Joana and Xica’s cooperative. We have bought one consignment this year; we will aim to buy another one or two, depending on our ability to get them to Australia US 2,000.

Hato-Builico Strategy - Rural outreach volunteer stipend.



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