Friday, November 14, 2008

Traditional East Timorese Weaving Exhibition and Sale

The Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters (BMETS) are holding another Timorese Weaving Sale and Exhibition on Sunday 23rd November. These exhibitions provide an important outlet for the sale of traditional weavings in the Blue Mountains. The weavings are produced by hand using a simple back-strap loom. Each one is unique and bears the traditional designs of the area in which it was made.

“Tais, as these weavings are known, are an important part of Timorese culture. Women produce tais for celebrations and ceremonies. They are handed down across the generations. They are beautifully woven and are produced as they been for centuries using this simple weaving technique.” said Judy Finch from BMETS.

“Each year members of our group visit East Timor to talk with women and communities about ways that we can assist them to achieve their goals. During these trips we purchase tais from various women’s cooperatives. This way we know that the money we pay goes directly to support women and their families. Once in Australia we sell the tais at our events. Again all monies raised go back to projects in East Timor. This way we are able to assist women and their communities twice.” said Ms Finch.

“We will be inviting our guests to purchase tais. We have a variety of sizes, colours and styles and all are at reasonable prices. They range in price from $15 to about $80. They make great Christmas presents. Coming to the exhibition is a good way to avoid the shopping malls and buy a gift that will make a difference.” said Ms Finch.

This year Beba Sequeira will be visiting the Blue Mountains and will be speaking at the tais exhibition. She will be talking about the current situation in East Timor. She will also be speaking about the work of BMETS and other Blue Mountains groups in East Timor.

The tais exhibition starts at 2.30 Sunday 23rd November and is held at Mid Mountains Community Centre, New St, Lawson. For more information call Judy Finch on 4757 4478.


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