Monday, August 31, 2009

Book Sale results

On the weekend of the 29 and 30 August, people in East Timor celebrated 10 years of independence since the referendum was held. Simultaneously the Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters ran their annual book sale. With thousands of books available the doors finally opened at 9am. The sale was continuously busy with many satisfied customers throughout the day.

The sale not only provides the Sisters with an opportunity to raise much needed cash for projects for women and children in East Timor but also enables the group to speak to people in the Blue Mountains community about life in East Timor and why we do the work we do.

At the end of the weekend we raised over $10,000. The Sisters group wish to thank everyone who donated and bought books as well as the many supporters who assisted us to promote and then run the sale. A very special thank you must go to the Book Sale Team - Ruth and Steve Moline, Wendy and Tom Whitton and Jennifer Rowe. It was a heroic effort and we love you for it!

BMETS is a project of the Mountains Community Resource Network.


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