Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Elsa Pinto - Congratulations and thank you.

I really want to share you about this news, maybe you heard already
form Mana Judy. I just want to let you know that I already graduated
and completed my studies. I graduate on the 18th of August 2011. And
guess what? I got the highest mark in my faculty of Agriculture, I am
the best student. You all can imagine how happy I was! And I'm still
happy until today! Although it takes quite long time, yet finally I
made it!!!!

Dear sisters, thank you so much for your support, without that
scholarship, I am not sure that I could finish it and graduated on
18th of August 2011. Maybe it will take me longer and longer!!!! Thank
you so much from the bottom of my heart.

Now, I am working for a local company that deals with coffee, it
called Alter Trade Timor (Alternative trade). It's about people to
people trade. We organize farmers group here, buy coffee from them
with good price and export to Japan. It's not only about coffee but
it also about social services; we also accelerate some social program
in the community we deal with. Keep the relationship for all time, not
only coffee season. It's quite related to my major Social Economic
Agriculture, so I like it. Yet, I also still want to find another job.
I have been working here as part time since last November, I want to
get some ideas about organizing farmers group.

Now I have a very big ambition to continue my master studies. I want
to study and get more knowledge. I am not satisfied if I could only
finish my fist degree. First degree is the beginning, now I have to
move forward. Not many young women can do their master study. I have to
work, get
some experiences and apply for a scholarship. The other important
thing for me is to improve my English skill. I really need to prepare
myself for that.

Yeah, more or less this is some new update form me. I apologize for
taking quite long to let you know about this news, because after
graduated on the next day I went to Ermera and just got back to Dili
on 25th of August.

Thank you very!
Much of Love to you all my sisters,

Elsa Pinto


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