Saturday, February 24, 2007

A message from our Timor-Leste Sisters

Dear Manas,
Thank you very much for your great attention, moral and solidaridy support. We are very pleased to get your support message. Beba's family even already back home, but still worried with situation. Even though our Prime Minister already declare regarding the agreement of Tasi Timor that mentioned Australia fifty % and Timor-Leste fifty%; at the same day, all the Australian military and Police took over and contorled the situation, specially in Beba's place that was dangerous, immediately returned in peacefull. Now Emercio and Donazio can play and talked loudly at night time and watching the television. Mana, just our observation during this crucial time.
We are waiting to see you soon and others sisters to discuss the possibility to realize the Hatubuilico project. And also we are hoping the situation will be in peace and we can do our activities as normally.
Recently we have a visitor form Sydney, her name is Anita, a friend of Elisa da Silva, our consulate in Sydney. She wants to visit Mana Kassian's Community and Marta's Group, but unfortunately we couldn't reach out because of the situation. We just visited Rede Feto, Alola Foundation and other group such as Melita Verdial factory behind my house in Taibesse.
lots of love to all of you,
Laura and Beba
(edited version of a letter from APSC-TL)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Events Coming Up for BMETS

Fantastic Garage Sale Saturday February 24th 2007 at 246 The Mall, Leura
from 9,00am to 3.00pm. This is the best garage sale of the Mountains with thousands of treasures changing hands!
These garage sales are held about every two months - in 2006 we raised over $15,000 for projects in East Timor through the generous donation of goods sold.
Come along and have a look - they are also wonderful social occasions. We welcome donations which can be left on the verandah of 246 The Mall and we also welcome helpers!
Recycle your clutter and get some great books, kitchenware, toys or things.
For more information ring Suzie van Opdorp on 4784 1718.

BMETS Annual Book Sale will be held Saturday March 31st at the CWA Hall Leura (next to the Bon Ton Cafe) - we are now collecting - ring Ruth on 4757 1953 or drop them at Ruth Moline's at 8 Westborne, Wentworth Falls or into our office at MCRN, Lawson 4759 3599. Last year we raised $6,000 in our book sale and everyone who came went away with great bundles of wonderful books at very low cost!

Sisters 2007 Planning meeting Monday March 5th: contact Mary Waterford for more details 47593599