Monday, June 30, 2014

Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters Book Sale - Collecting now!

Give us your read books and we will turn them into scholarships, literacy programs and pre-school development in Timor –Leste. We want your books asap so we can sort them – please deliver to Ruth’s at 8 Westbourne Ave, Wentworth Falls (47571953) before July 21st. (Please no encyclopaedias, text books, videos, magazines or damaged books).
The Book Sale will be held on Saturday August 2nd & Sunday 3rd 2014 at Blackheath Community Hall.
Volunteers to help set up on Friday 1st and to assist over the weekend will be very welcome – this is a wonderful way to meet others interested in a better world.
Over 100 women in Timor Leste have gained University qualifications thanks to the work of Blue Mountains
East Timor Sisters and their legendary Book Sales. The Sisters collect donations from the local community demonstrating the best of community spirit. These Book Sales are a great place to find a treasure, link with  friends and give a contribution that really make a difference in the lives of our nearest overseas neighbours.
Ring Gabrielle 0418245467 or Ruth 47571953 to assist.