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Naldo Rei was only six months old when Indonesia invaded East Timor in December 1975 forcing his family to flee their home and hide in the jungle. In his remarkable memoir, Naldo recalls his early years in the East Timorese resistance movement and a childhood exposed to the threat of death and torture in the struggle for independence.

Following the 1975 Indonesian invasion, Naldo’s father and friends set up an organisation to support the jungle guerilla fighters, the Falintil. Naldo learnt from an early age the human cost of freedom. At the age of nine, Naldo’s father was killed by the Indonesian military and Naldo was captured and tortured by the Indonesian regime. He was imprisoned and tortured regularly throughout his teenage years for his involvement in the independence movement. Eventually Naldo was in too much danger to remain in Timor and he escaped to Australia where he lived for many years.

Now living in an independent East Timor, Naldo has documented his dangerous journey to adulthood against a backdrop of political upheaval and violent military struggle in East Timor. His book “Resistance” reveals Naldo’s remarkable commitment to freedom and independence, and an unnerving idealism and resilience in the face of terrible torture and injustice.

“The Blue Mountains is fortunate to have Naldo Rei visit. Naldo is aware of the strong links between the Blue Mountains community and the Timorese people. He is keen to visit the area and share his story. During his visit he will be raising awareness of his people’s struggle. He will also promote his book which will be available for sale. The Blue Mountains East Timor Sisters (BMETS), with the support of the Blue Mountains City Council Friendship Committee, are pleased to be able to invite members of the community to meet Naldo and hear his courageous story. It is a real privilege to be part of this.” said BMETS member, Wendy Whitton.

Join Naldo Rei and hear his story of resistance 7pm Wednesday
14th May in the Blue Mountains City Council Chambers,
Great Western Highway, Katoomba.
For more information call Wendy on 4784-1302.


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